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"iRacking" Ltd. is a leading supplier of racks and racking systems in every sphere of light and heavy industry, trade and agriculture. Our engineering experience and resource has won the trust of a number of customers in Bulgaria. The team of "iRacking" Ltd. specializes in the supply, sale and installation of a wide range of racking systems and solutions for each warehouse.

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  • Fastest deivery for heavy duty racks in Bulgaria
  • Wide range of racking products
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Individual approach to each project
  • Free design and professional advise
  • Best prices
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    Get to know our variants for archives, museums and libraries

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    Distribution of products focusing on molecular biology, Sofia
    Client: "EU GREEN DIAMOND" Ltd.
    Shelf Type: Shelves for light loads
    Capacity: 8 rack modules with 4 shelves
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    Bulgaria, Sofia, Warehouse for sanitary ware - Extension
    Client: "GRESIA 2" LTD
    Racking system: Light duty racking system
    Capacity: 50 modules
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    Logistics company, village of Mousachevo
    Products: Straps and jokes
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    Bulgaria, Botevgrad, Warehouse for building materails - Extension
    Client: "IMPERAL PET" LTD
    Racking system: Heavy duty racking system
    Pallet places: 90
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    Bulgaria, Varna, Warehouse for carpets
    Client: "DAPHNE" LTD
    Racking system: Racking system for carpets
    Capacity: 540 rolls
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    Warehouse for Cosmetic Products, Gabrovo
    Type of Shelving: Shelving for heavy loads
    Paletoplaces: 1332 pcs.
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    Warehouse for air conditioning equipment, Sofia
    Client: "MMC INC" Ltd.
    Type of Shelving: Shelving for heavy loads
    Plyometres: 106 pcs.
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    Mezzanine car service system, Bourgas
    Type of metal racks: Mezzanine system
    Capacity: 4.00m * 4.00m + ladder and railings
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    Fabric Store, Haskovo
    Type of racking system: Shelving for fabrics
    Capacity: 1200 rolls
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