Our proposal for your archive, office and library

Art stock Compact is a mobile solution for raster pictures. Several modules are placed on rails similar to Compact Office and Compact Archive, but are equipped with mesh frames for attaching pictures. Mobile modules can be moved one by one or several at a time, forming a corridor where needed.
Choosing the most suitable storage system requires the design of the room, the dimensions and the positioning of the corridors to be made so that the goods are stored as compactly as possible, while remaining individually available and protected from dirt, dust and damage from vibrations.
Positive positioning systems Shelfstar и Silverstar in a galvanized or painted version offer great flexibility as static racks with many accessories such as doors, pull-out frames or shelf dividers. Different lengths and depths of shelves optimize available space.  Shelfstar and Silverstar can also be placed on mobile trolleys for Compact Rails Solutions and optionally with Top & ndash; Floor rail system.
Longspan Archive Classic и  Bullrack pallet racks provide for the storage of larger storage units. They can be built as a static or dynamic system. Beams with metal or wood shelves support heavy and different goods in size and weight
Sistems Compact Archive Classic и Compact Archive Power Drive can double the capacity of static racks by making them mobile by using only one corridor where necessary.
Sistems Cantirack и Cantilever and special structures or mezzanines store long or special items of different weight for your application. The accessories complement the warehouse optimization assortment.

Office space is quite expensive and highly efficient, and therefore good communication and quick access to documents is a priority. Compact Office is a modern and effective way to keep documents close to us, with perfect view, great accessibility even for colleagues and saving a costly place. Compact Office replaces traditional systems and creates more office space for extra jobs. Using the darkest part of the office, the high capacity system allows easy use by many people near the desks and creates more bright space.
Designing according to your personal requirements or company policy can easily be done. Elegant and modern design, ergonomics and safety turn the system into designer equipment.
Moreover, you can get a solution that emphasizes your individuality in an original (sophisticated) way. You can place the company logo in the walls of the modules or you can use digital printing to uniquely visualize your activities or vision. All this is a visual reflection that helps you create an inspiring setting.
In addition to its unique design and functionality, the system provides up to 100% more capacity near your workstation. Compact Office can be used as a room divider, although the low height allows a view of the entire open office space. Acoustic front panels help to reduce noise.
LED lights attract attention in your office. LED technology continues to evolve rapidly, just like our innovative concepts. & Nbsp; Compact Office classic with manual drive can be delivered as well as Compact Office Power Drive with electric drive.
Today fitted here, Compact Office tomorrow with our Top Floor floor system can be moved, tuned and expanded according to customer needs and location

Since important documents are stored in your archives, they must be safe and quick to access, even if they are located in the basement, another floor, or outside storage.
With COMPACT ARCHIVE, you can optimize almost every cubic centimeter of your room. Your archive will effectively save space while at the same time being fully accessible, flexible and cost-saving. Whether your archive will contain folders or documents, birth documents, maps or photos, drawings, movies, CDs, books, historical values, all information and materials should be carefully stored to avoid serious consequences.
We offer the highest quality static and mobile archive systems:
  • Sistem  Shelfstar – a static archive system or a cabinet with doors are available in different sizes to meet different needs depending on the stored documents or materials
  • Compact Archive Classic - mobile system you are optimally using the available space. The system only uses one corridor by moving the modules to the desired position.
  • Different drive systems can be selected depending on your module and load blocking.
  • Compact Archive Classic is the most convenient and well-known solution for moving a mobile cabinet or shelves by push-pull solution or handle in the desired position.
Compact Archive Classic is mounted on a galvanized rack system. Even unladen (empty) modules can move thanks to a chain drive that completely blocks the load. The rails can be mounted directly into the floor or in a ready-ramped ramp or by using a roof panel with a safe ramp for access to the floor surface.
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